blog_readershipOpenShell provides a wide variety of risk, internal control and internal audit consulting services for small and mid-size businesses located in and around Puducherry india. Our services are designed to address the entire life cycle of the information security from design to deployment as well as management and continuous audits. Our infrastructure security management services will keep your network available 24x7 resulting in lowered security operations costs, better performance and best-in-class service levels. Our services include

  1. Consulting and Auditing Services
  2. Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Mitigation Solutions
  3. Managed Security Services
  4. Unified Communication Services

blog.openshell is a one stop place for how-to, informational & educational content. Right now we provide content in form of text article, Once we have enough resource to handle then we will provide content in the form of videos, presentations, audio recordings and image slideshows. was developed by OpenShell. OpenShell is a small organisation which possesses experts limited number less than 10. all the members are blessed with good skills in various platform like Maths, Yoga, Biology, PHP, JQuery, Flex, .Net, JAVA, DB2, Mysql, Linux System administration, SAP and more. we invite business people, language experts, House keeping, Literature and others to participate in this blog. vision is to maximize knowledge sharing experiences and to introduce contributors to a better and more friendly way to share their knowledge online. One of the important aspects of the vision is that it will taken steps to reward those who contribute their knowledge with special gifts. Everyone has the ability to contribute knowledge. Some can write, while others are more technically gifted. Others can contribute to the in other ways, whether it’s by providing Training videos, PowerPoint slides. There are many ways to contribute your knowledge with offers informative and credible information that brings Internet content to a whole new level. is based on the premise that everyone has some sort of valuable knowledge to share with the Internet community. Anyone who joins the OpenShell community and shares their knowledge are welcomed with open hands. helps you to build your own online network of friends that can make themselves and you knowledged without having any trouble in learning. OpenShell invites you to participate in its blogging service which will help all of us to share our knowledge with each others. Thanks for your time. For more information please visit the website at